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What is Wages Brew Pub or Brewery? It will be a place to get a great microbrew beer handcrafted by Phil Wages (microbrew lover since 2004, home brewer since 2008). Beyond that, it will either:
  • Brew Pub: be a place where you can spend time with family or hang out with the buds and get a nice bite to eat while you enjoy a wonderfully satisfying, locally made cold ale in downtown West Plains, Missouri in a relaxing atmosphere (far away from clubs and roadhouse bars). And you won't have to know what you like because we'll have sampler flights (a personal tasting) of all our current beers. I'll encourage you to be adventurous just as I do now with my homebrew.
  • Brewery: be West Plains' only brewery distributing to the Ozarks, and maybe, beyond. We'll feature adventurous beers that you will enjoy again and again. You'll be able to buy Wages Brewery beer in finer local package stores, pubs & bars, and especially at the brewery just off AB Highway. Of course, the brewery will offer personalized tours and tastings at certain times (after all, we work too!). Have the microbrewery experience right here in the Ozarks!
But we're not open yet! Read in the newsletters below to get the full story behind Wages Brew Pub or Brewery. Until we open, this is Phil Wages, and I'm going to be brewing, perfecting the beers that West Plains has been waiting for.

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September 17th Brewsletter
Change in plans?, lots of news, hops, and events; a lot is going on!
9/19 Updated Hops Trivia section

Phil, Bill, & Thom (l to r) brewing
In Photo: Phil, Bill, & Thom (l to r) brewing

August 21st Brew Day Update
Vienna Ale kegged, Scotsman's IPA bottled, new 15 gallon kettle, and Coffee Stout & Art's Creature IPA fermenting!

Something is brewing:

July 31st Brew Day Update

90 Shilling tapped, 100,000 btu burner put into production, 2 beers fermenting!

July 30th Newsletter
The first one! This contains the scoop with everything that's going down including a brief story of the inspiration for the Pub.

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